Janelle Arthur

Join Sarah and Janelle as they talk about #allthingsdolly featuring Janelle's newest single "Hand Me Downs" with the amazing Dolly Parton. "Hand Me Downs" is a tribute to Janelle's upbringing in East TN. As a modern day "Coat of Many Colors", Janelle's new single is sure to give you chills with Dolly's soaring and angelic background vocals. This is one episode you do NOT want to miss! be sure to visit her website at www.janellearthur.com and follow her on socials @JanelleArthur. Premiere Air Date: October 29th, 2021 1pm Central. Listen below or watch on Youtube Oct 29th, 2021.


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Sheree's Story: No Baggage. A Story of an Overcomer

This week we are with the amazingly talented Sheree Spoltore. As my personal mentor and mentor to many artists in Nashville, Sheree is president and founder of Global Songwriters Connection where “dreams find direction”. With God at her side, she has overcome a past of domestic violence and abusive relationships. Listen as she tells her story for the first time in public. Listen as she gives tips and tools on how YOU too can overcome. Visit www.steppingingotfreedomministries.com or www.sarahtayloryoung.com to learn more about the ministry! Visit www.globalsongwritersconnection.com to find out how YOUR dreams can find DIRECTION! @globalsongwritersconnection #abusesurvivor #domesticviolence #dailyliving #globalsongwritersconnection #abusiverelationships #nobaggage #writeyourstory #overcomer #coffeewithjesus #jesusfreak #songwriters #singersongwriters

Jenah Shank

Join Sarah and Jenah Shank as they talk about suicide awareness and prevention in this episode of Celebration Conversations. September is the month of suicide awareness and prevention! Get tips and tools on what it means to turn pain into PURPOSE! Be sure to follow Jenah on Facebook and Instagram @jenahshank.

Kelsey Chapman

Join us as we talk to @kelseychapman as we talk about taking your dreams to done with mentorship. Listen as we discuss her new book What They Taught Me available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon TODAY!!! _______________________________

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Sweet Crystal

Listen to this interview with Marq Speck from Sweet Crystal. Sweet crystal is a christian rock band. Listen to how they got their start and how they have followed God's plan for their artistry.


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Kingdom of God Entreprenuershow

with Steven Harris

Join Steven Harris, Sarah Taylor Young, and Adam Young as they discuss how the modern day church can be like a business. Listen to Steven as he talks about turning his pain into purpose with God.

Lucy Graves

Listen as we interview singer/songwriter/artist/producer Lucy Graves on this episode of Celebration Conversations. Did I mention Lucy played the keyboard and sang background vocals for Ceelo Green and the Black Eyed Peas? listen how we talk all things music and what it really means to be a transparent artist in a social media driven world. listen how we talk hurts and habits on this episode! _________________________________

#clebrationconversations #stepintofreedom #blackeyedpeas #ceelogreen #newzealand #lucygraves #producer #singersongwriter #artist #freedomjourney

Brian White and Karyn Williams


Here is a special replay of “A Night of Believing” with some Q and A with dove award winning songwriter Brian White and his beautiful and talented wife Karyn Williams. Karyn is a CCM artist, mentor, and sweet friend to Adam and I with our ministry. She has toured with Natalie Grant, The Newsboys, and Steven Curtis Chapman...to name a few. These two have bent over backwards to help us with this ministry. We are forever thankful. Listen in as we discuss the writing and production of “I Still Believe” as the first single released off of my new EP. listen as we talk about having faith in the tallest of values. I KNOW it will be a blessing to you friends!

Diann Hammer

This week I am with songwriter and friend Diann Hammer. Diann definitely has a story to tell after escaping and healing as a survivor of domestic abuse. Listen to her story of recovery as well as how to find help.

 If you or someone you know have been effected by domestic violence or abuse, contact Second Chance Vision Ministry. Second Chance works to help women just like Diann to get out of domestic abuse through counseling, legal services, and housing services. Visit scvministry.org or email 2visionministry@gmail.com. There is help and there is hope. You are loved. May you be able to step into freedom today. 

Matt Koerner

Check out this episode with county music newcomer Matt Koerner. Matt is also a cancer survivor. Check out his tips and tools of how to make money in today's music industry as a new artist as well as tips and tools on recovering from cancer. Follow him on social media platforms @mattkoernermusic. Visit www.mattkoernermusic.com


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Season 2 Episode 10

AJ Raggs

 On this episode of Celebration Conversations, I am with pop artist and songwriter AJ Raggs. Listen how we discuss the benefits of music and mental health. Also, listen for tips and tools on vocal performance. This is an episode you DON'T want to miss!!!                  __________________________________ #celebrationconversations #faithoverfear #classicalvoice #classicalvoicetraining #songwritertips #singertips #mentalhealth #dailyliving #popsinger #singersongwriter #mykindapeople 

Season 2 Episode 9

Charly Reynolds

On this episode of Celebration Conversations, I am with singer songwriter and country music artist, Charly Reynolds. As an adult child of divorce, Charly is now celebrating music as a way of expression and coping. Listen as we talk about her new single "The Half of It" plus tips and tools on how to handle mental and emotional health during during a divorce.


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Jimmy Bowen

We are back with another episode of Celebration Conversations. This week I’m with @jimmybowenmusic and his amazing show Jimmy Bowen and Friends. Link in bio! This is an episode you do NOT want to miss! 

Season 2 Episode 6

Patrick Dodge

This week I am with songwriter and personal friend Patrick Dodge. Patrick is celebrating 18 years of sobriety from alcohol. His story is such an inspiration to me as I know it will be to you! Listen as Patrick gives tips and tools on staying sober as well how to forgive a loved one. You may want to grab a tissue! Also, stay tuned for a special sneak peak of my NEW SINGLE "I Still Believe" at the end of this episode. Pre-save TODAY!!!

Season 2 Episode 5

Sonia Lee

This week I am with singer-songwriter, speaker, mom, woman of recovery, and recording artist,  Sonia Lee. Sonia has used her gift of music and writing to help others in recovery circles. Hear Sonia's story of recovering from alcohol and how she has stayed sober for 25 years. Listen to her tips and tools of recovering from alchoholism and life in general. She believes we are all recovering from something. Am I right? Follow her on instagram @sonialeemusic. Visit her website at www.sonialee.net.

Season 2 Episode 4 Mariah Evangeline

This week I am with the amazingly talented Mariah Evangeline from Canada. This girl is only 15 and writing her own songs! Listen to her tips and tools on performing. Also, listen to her tips on overcoming cyber bullying in a teen's world. You don't want to miss this! Follow her @mariahevangelinemusic!


Season 2 Episode 3

Brady Seals

This week I am with Singer/Songwriter Brady Seals. You might remember him from the band Little Texas from the 90s or the band Seals and Crofts 2. It's no secret that he is related to Dan Seals from Seals and Crofts from the 70s. Brady is certainly celebrating overcoming his journey with anxiety and life struggles. Listen to how his relationship with Jesus helped him overcome his struggles with mental health and daily life. Check out his book God Blessed Texas and Me Too  available for purchase on amazon and his website at www.bradyseals.com. Find him on instagram @brady.seals. See below to watch the full interview on YouTube!

Season 2 Episode 2


This week I am with Country Music Artist Alayna. Boy does she have a story to tell behind her music. Listen to how she has turned her pain into purpose! Listen as she shares the warning signs of narcissistic abuse and how to get help. Alayna is definitely celebrating how far she has come in her journey. Visit her website at www.alaynasmusic.com. Her new single "Sterotype" is available on all streaming platforms today. Follow her on instagram @Alayna924.

Episode 19: Aunt Lena Meets Geraldine


Hey guys! This week I have special guest, Anne Louise Sterry aka Aunt Lena returning for the 2nd time to give tips and tools on how to make it through this holiday season especially in a time of covid. Anne Louise has toured nationally giving tips and tools on how to have audacious joy! Follow her on instagram @audacious_joy. Visit her website at www.audaciousjoy.com!

Episode 18: Tori Martin

This week I am with LuckySky Music flagship country recording artist Tori Martin. Not only was Tori a contestant on Season 14 of American Idol, she was nominated for "New Female Vocalist of the Year" at the Texas Regional Radio Music Awards. Visit her website www.thetorimartin.com to learn more and listen to her music. Stay tuned after the show for a special sneak preview of her newest release "What Would Dolly Do?" available on all streaming platforms today.

Episode 15

Redeemer Classical Academy

On this episode of Celebration Conversations, I have special guest Ben Nolan, headmaster, from Redeemer Classical academy. Their story is indeed a story of celebration. Classical education has been a wonderful alternative in the time of uncertainty. Be sure to visit their website at www.redeemerclassicalacademy.com to view enrollment options and what classical education is all about.


Episode 14

Alexa Valentino

This week I am with singer-songwriter and pop artist, Alexa valentino.

 She's released several singles including an EP. Her songs get better and better over time. She has committed to anti-bullying as a singer/songwriter and motivational speaker. She says music has helped her cope so much with life. Out of the hundreds of songs shes written, over half are now being pitched by sync publishing companies for Film & Television, a genre she calls “where I belong. Find her on instagram @alexavalentino or visit her website at www.alexavalentino.com. Listen for a sneak peak of her latest single "Bad Boy Good" at the end of this episode It is available on all streaming platforms.  

Episode 13: Brandt Carmichael

This week I am with Bradt Carmichael. Brandt is an up-and-coming Country/Rocker based out of Nashville, TN

 Born and raised in Northern Indiana, Brandt cut his teeth playing local Fairs, Festivals and clubs.

After years of hard work, time and dedication, Brandt has carved out a cool Country/Rock sound!  Performing upwards of 100 dates per year, Conquering stages across the country, leaving crowds wanting more! 

Brandt certainly packs a punch with his Country/Southern Rock roots!

Follow him on instagram @brandtcarmichaelmusic

Visit his website at www.brandtcarmichaelmusic.com

Episode 12

Leslee mccoy with Ishshah clothing

This week I am with Leslee Mccoy, founder and CEO of Ishshah clothing line. Birthed out of her own personal life struggles, Leslee has committed her brand to biblical womanhood and spreading the gospel. Leslee is also a singer-songwriter who aims to share her story and the love of Jesus in whatever way she can. Follow her on instagram @ishshah_clothing. Visit her website at www.ishshahclothing.com

Episode 11

Anne Louise Sterry Aka "Aunt Lena"

This week I am with the audacious Anne-Louise Sterry. 

Anne-Louise is an internationally-known motivational speaker and award-winning recording artist, author, singer-songwriter, and master storyteller. Unfailingly positive and empowering, Anne-Louise brings energy and rare authenticity to her audiences. She speaks and performs across America and Europe in concerts and keynotes as herself  and as her alter-ego, Aunt Lena.

Anne-Louise has a degree in psychology, is an experienced medical software trainer, a psychiatric nurse, and performing artist. As Aunt Lena, she wrote the book Aunt Lena’s Cucina. She has recorded and produced six music and storytelling CDs in addition to a motivational audio course, Rewire Your Brain for Audacious Joy plus an online program Creating Joy to Build Your Bottom Line. 

Visit Anne Louise AND Aunt Lena at www.audaciousjoy.com Follow her on Instagram @audacious_joy

Episode 10

Aja Tate

Thank you for tuning in to a special episode of Celebration Conversations. This week I am with Aja Tate from Chattanooga, TN. Aja is currently celebrating sobriety from drugs and alcohol. She is truly a survivor and she is worth celebrating. Be sure to check out second chance vision ministry if you or someone you know is in need of help escaping domestic violence and/ or drugs and alcohol. Visit them at www.scvministry.org. Happy listening friends! Available now on @spotify and @applepodcasts. 

Episode 9

Kate Stanford

This week I am with CCM artist Kate Stanford. Currently a double major at University of Texas, she refers to her musical purpose as helping others find God’s House - that ‘home” with enough “room” for anyone who is ready to bloom. She has opened for Mark Schultz, Jaci Velasquez, Salvador and Veritas. Kate Stanford is indeed blooming. Like the music she performs, she already has the ring of a seasoned professional. Listen to her debut EP Bloom on all streaming platforms.

Take a listen to our conversation below!

Connect with Kate: www.twitter.com/KStanfordMusic www.instagram.com/katestanfordmusic www.facebook.com/katestanfordmusic www.katestanfordmusic.com #singersongwriter #ccmartist #singer #overcomerstory #bloom #bloomwhereyouareplanted

Episode 4

Kelsey Chapman

On this week’s episode, I am thrilled to have my beautiful friend and marketing strategist, Kelsey Chapman. Kelsey is an author, community builder, online educator and host of The Radiant Podcast. She wholeheartedly believes dreams are worth pursuing and is passionate about teaching women how to walk with purpose in their gifts and live from a place of identity and rest —  so that they can carry their dreams and vision for the long haul. In just four years she has mentored hundreds of clients and thousands of students through building their brand, growing their platform, and stewarding their influence.
Today, Kelsey plays the role of personal cheerleader to an engaged audience of 100,000k followers, hosts The Radiant Podcast, and empowers and equips women through her Radiant Podcast, Dream To Done online mentorship program, and most recently, her book What They Taught Me: Recognizing The Mentors Who Will Take You From Dream To Done. Join us in our talk about mentorship, seasons of growth in business, and mindset. Visit her website at www.kelschapman.com and follow her on Instagram @kelseychapman

Episode 2

Ava Paige

On this episode, I am so excited to have sixteen year old…yes, I said 16 year old singer/songwriter, Ava Paige. Her skills have been on full display at some of Nashville’s most popular venues such as the legendary Bluebird Café, Tootsie’s World Famous Orchid Lounge and twice a week at The George Jones. And how many artists can say their love for performing was launched by a karaoke duet with pop star and American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson? She is currently fighting leukemia and is on the way to a full recovery. Come join me while we talk about her fight against cancer and the many things she has in the works. Find her on socials at avapaigemusic. Or visit her website at www.avapaigemusic.com

Episode 1

Briana Domenica

On this episode, I am thrilled to have Briana Domenica joining me. She is an up and coming CCM artist and suicide prevention advocate. Stay tuned for her upcoming album "Warrior in Me" set to release September of 2020. Find her on Instagram and Facebook @brianadomenicamusic. Visit her website at www.brianadomenicamusic.com. Visit her nonprofit page and join her in her journey to fight suicide a www.angelinthesky.org