A Little About Sarah...

Bio by Cheri Cranford

Sarah Taylor Young​ is an artist with substance. The Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter, musician, and inspirational speaker is also a wife and mother with a story to tell. Young was born and raised just outside of Nashville and grew up surrounded by music, which has shaped her life; who she is today and setting the stage for what is yet to come.

Early on, Young’s parents divorced, causing her to divide her time spent with her mother and father. She recalls music being a part of her life for as long as she can remember. Her father, Bobby Taylor is a Grammy-nominated songwriter who penned hits for Country superstars Montgomery Gentry and Diamond Rio just to name a few. Young remembers as early as age 6, being the very first one to hear her father’s songs before the rest of the world would hear them on their Country radio stations. She learned a lot from her father. By the time she was 12, she was writing her own songs on the clarinet and by age 13, Young taught herself how to play the flute, violin, guitar, and piano. She also recorded her very first demo for her father, which she notes as one of her favorite childhood memories. In her autobiographical song, “In The Music,” Young sings,​ “Daddy gave me a guitar, I learned to play. Just three chords, a pen, a pad, now every day I thank God for the music. It made me who I am and changed my life.”

Young has always been a performer, however, as she got a little older, that flame slowly died down as fear began to take over. She was told at an early age that she would have to choose between a career in music or having a family. Having grown up in a broken home, and feeling it was the music business that ultimately caused the break up of her parents, it seemed logical at the time. Young, therefore, walked away from her dream of a career in music and instead decided to pursue a degree in music education at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). Over the years, however, it became apparent that deep inside she missed the music that was instilled in her, and questioned her decision. She, however, kept on with her plan. Young married at ​19 ​years of age and sadly, found herself in an abusive relationship and battling a very difficult time that would take years to overcome. Being a woman of faith, however, with lots of love, support, and prayers, Young began the healing process and was able to move on and even remarried and had her first child.​ “Jesus is my biggest inspiration. He went through so much pain and darkness, yet came out of it alive and well in me.” ​Young added. When she was seven months pregnant, she felt God’s voice telling her to begin pursuing her dream, ​“I felt God telling me to go for it. He told me to “make an album.” Y​ oung added, ​“I was cleaning the house one day when I heard the song “I Have Arrived” by Linda Davis. I balled. I remembered hearing her sing that song at the Inspirational Country Music Awards when I was going through an extremely difficult time with OCD at the age of 15. Those lyrics really spoke to me and when I heard them on this particular day, I was reminded of how it made me feel when I first saw Linda perform it years ago. It was then that I knew I wanted to utilize my God-given talent of music to help others who are struggling. That became even more important afterIhadmydaughterandwentthroughpostpartumOCD.”T​ othisday,Youngcitesherbiggestaccomplishmentas healing from an abused/broken past.​” I’ve dealt with mental health on and off in my life as well. I can finally say I’m at the healthiest I’ve been in my whole life. I have struggled with OCD since the age of 15 and have now survived postpartum


OCD as well. I have survived a lot in my life. Getting up every morning and acting “normal” while taking care of my family feels like an accomplishment in itself on some days.” ​Creating her debut album ‘Victory’ helped the Tennessee-native to overcome her postpartum OCD, and to find her voice and develop her sound. ​“I had grown a lot over the years from my real-life experience and was now able to create music that reflected all I had been through on a completely different level and with a message that others could relate to,” c​ ommented Young.

Young is happily married now and lives just outside of Nashville with her husband, Adam, daughter, Olivia, their black lab Jedi, Jack Russell, Lilly, and bunny, Dolly (named after the one and only, and one of her greatest sources of inspiration). “​After an abusive situation with my first husband, Adam has walked with me through healing from the past and so much more. He accepts me as I am and then some,” ​Young reflected.

Young has just completed her new project ​Step Into Freedom​. It takes her country roots and perfectly blends them with CCM, Pop, and Inspiration to create a unique sound of her very own.​ Step Into Freedom ​is an anthem for Young’s life and story. ​The album was produced by multiple Dove award-winning songwriter, Brian White and Matt Houston and was all written/co-written by Young. It was recorded at The Parlor in Nashville. The 5-song collection will be available in the fall of 2021 and hard copies are available on her ​website.​ ​The first single “I Still Believe” was released on February 12th and premiered on Radio SoBro (an all-streaming radio platform enabling listeners to enjoy Nashville’s top singer/songwriters worldwide) and the next singles will be released every other month.

Young also recently launched her own podcast, ​Celebration Conversations​ ​where she shares inspirational conversations with fellow co-writers, artists, and friends. In fact, one of her recent episodes included multi-genre, Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Brady Seals (from the iconic 90’s band Little Texas, co-writer of the smash hit ”God Blessed Texas” and author of new top-selling memoir, ​God Blessed Texas & Me Too​). In this episode Seals shares with Young and her listeners, his compelling story about growing up in a long line of iconic musicians, Jimmy Seals (Seals & Crofts), Dan Seals (England Dan and John Ford Coley), hit songwriters Troy Seals and Chuck Seals, selling over 11 million albums, and being on top of the world to going through a painful divorce and battling depression and anxiety). It is Young’s hope that listeners will be encouraged by the stories she shares and find motivation and celebration in their own story.

When not performing, writing, or spending valued time with her family, Young enjoys scrapbooking, reading children’s books, painting, and playing video games with her husband. Young remarked, ​“Carefree playtime with my daughter is the best. She is such a gift and reminds me every day to enjoy life to the fullest and that things don’t have to be ‘just so.’ Every day seems like an adventure. I’m a working mom trying to balance a career, marriage, and family life. Two days per week I teach music and the other days are devoted to my music or ministry, Stepping Into Freedom Ministries,” which she and her husband Adam will work on as a team.

Sarah Taylor Young is an inspiration to many and has a story to share. When asked to describe herself in three words, she chooses loving, dedicated, and encouraging which captures her characteristics and spirit perfectly. Young also has a nurturing heart. She wants to make a difference with the power of her music and story, ​“I have a story to tell. I know everyone has their own story, however, only one person has lived my story that is unique to me and I’ve been given a voice and musical talent to share my unique story.”​ It is her dream to be able to utilize any success to help every woman involved in domestic violence to get out. Young states, “​The number one reason why so many stay is due to finances. I have experienced this myself as a young girl.”​ Young works closely with Second Chance Vision Ministry to help other women escape domestic violence as well as Angel In The Sky which promotes suicide prevention and awareness.

“I want people to remember me as someone who inspired them to get their lives back on track whether helping with mental health issues, getting out of a bad marriage or simply finding freedom from any other struggles and challenges life brings. I want to be the one who helps empower them to change their life. People need to know God loves them,” ​commented Young. For this very reason, she is planning he​r Stepping into Freedom Tour coming Fall 2021 t​o empower and equip others. Young had this to say, ​“I am most passionate about sharing my own journey of healing and freedom from a very broken past. I want to spread the joy and freedom I have gained with others that are going through similar situations. ” ​She is in the process of booking conferences and filming a video series (for virtual options) and will be announcing more details in the Spring of 2021.

“I want to please God with my life, I want to raise a good family, and I want to be remembered for doing good in the world and honoring God with that”​ it is obvious that Sarah Taylor Young is well on her way checking these boxes.

To learn more about Sarah Taylor Young, her music, and for booking inquiries, visit her ​Website​, ​Facebook​, Instagram​, ​and ​YouTube​.